• Chicago

    Chicago Service Buyers Summit

    The Future Outsourcing Model: The Digital OneOffice™

    September 19-21, 2017 – Chicago, Illinois


How data and technology shape our experiences as humans

The distinction between “online” and “offline,” between “digital” and “physical,” has begun to blur, profoundly impacting our personal and professional lives, becoming the most discussed issue in technology circles today. Digital evangelist and “Tech Humanist” Kate O’Neill will address the HfS flagship event in Chicago on connecting the Human Experience across Physical and Digital realities.

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Join the HfS Research analyst team and the industry community for this event, attend our compelling presentations and discussions, participate in the exchange of ideas and experiences with your peers and learn to enable your digital organization to become a OneOffice focused enterprise.

What will you learn

– Making Design Thinking, Intelligent Automation and digitization work for you

– How the C-Suite views the future of the service industry

– How can we get ahead of disruption to be successful as professionals?

– Achieving an Outcome-centric Outsourcing Strategy

What to expect

– High impact insights from HfS analysts and top industry practitioners

– One-on-one meetings with HfS analysts

– Access to exclusive research

– Collaborative Workshops

– Breakfast, lunch and reception for peer networking

Who is it for

– Operations Professionals

– IT Executives

– Automation and Cognitive Executives

– Finance Executives

– Procurement and Supply Chain Executives

– Sourcing & Outsourcing Executives

– Shared Services Executives

– Customer Support Managers

– Digital Transformational Executives

Diamond Sponsors


Service Buyers: The HfS OneOffice Summits are focused first and foremost on service buyers. The rigorous selection process results in a level of peer interaction and knowledge exchange unrivalled in the services industry.

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Service Providers:

  • Selected delegates from providers are welcome if tickets are included in their research subscription. Interested in gaining access to the research and events by HfS Research? Send us a note.

  • Selected delegates from providers are welcome if they are event sponsors. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Send us a note.

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