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    HfS New York Service Buyers Summit

    The Future Outsourcing Model: The Digital OneOffice™

    Creating the digital customer experience and an intelligent, single office to enable and support it.


    March 30, 2017 – The New York Hilton Midtown, New York

    EVENT FULL – Applications Closed

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Report: Defining the Digital OneOffice Organization

Join the HfS Research analyst team and the industry community for this event, attend our compelling presentations and discussions, participate in the exchange of ideas and experiences with your peers and learn to enable your digital organization to become a OneOffice focused enterprise.

What will you learn

– Making Design Thinking, Intelligent Automation and blockchain work for you

– How the C-Suite views the future of the service industry

– How can we get ahead of disruption to be successful as professionals?

– Achieving an Outcome-centric Outsourcing Strategy

What to expect

– High impact insights from HfS analysts and top industry practitioners

– Meeting the HfS analysts

– Access to exclusive research

– Collaborative Workshops

– Breakfast, lunch and reception for peer networking

Who is it for

– Operations Professionals

– IT Executives

– Automation and Cognitive Executives

– Finance Executives

– Procurement and Supply Chain Executives

– Sourcing & Outsourcing Executives

– Shared Services Executives

– Customer Support Managers

– Digital Transformational Executives

Industry Summit for Service Buyers

The HfS OneOffice Summits are focused first and foremost on service buyers. The rigorous selection process results in a level of peer interaction and knowledge exchange unrivaled in the services industry.


  • 07.30 AM - 08.30 AM Registration and Breakfast
  • 08.30 AM - 08.50 AM Welcome and Intros
  • 08.50 AM - 09.20 AM Keynote: “Welcome to the World of OneOffice™”

    Presented by Phil Fersht

  • 09.20 AM - 10.20 AM C - Suite Future Worldview: Buyer - Advisor - Provider Leaders Panel

    Sponsor Independent session, hosted by Phil Fersht

    Carol Britton, COO – Corporate Services, Bank of New York Mellon | Vishal Sikka, CEO, Infosys | Chris Caldwell, President, Concentrix Corporation | Steve Rudderham, VP, Global Business Services Lead, The Kellogg Company | Rajeev Mehta, President, Cognizant | Rohit Kapoor, CEO, EXL | Kerry Hallard, President, Global Sourcing Association | Dave Brown,  Global Lead for Shared Service & Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG

  • 10.20 AM - 10.40 AM Networking Break
  • 10.40 AM - 11.20 AM The ``Scary Bright Future`` Great Talent Debate - How can we get ahead of disruption to be successful as professionals?

    Host Barbra McGann

    Ben Dattner, Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach, Dattner Consulting | Carol Britton, COO – Corporate Services, Bank of New York Mellon | Edward Fleming, Android Developer, LevelUp; Kate O’Neill, Strategic Consultant, KO Insights; Dr. Stephen Crocker, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

  • 11.20 AM - 12.00 PM Keynote - Service Delivery: Now, Soon, Later

    Mary Lacity, Curators’ Distinguished Professor at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis uses Stephen Sondheim’s “now, soon, and later” song to describe three technology trends (RPA, Cognitive Automation, and Blockchain) that will alter service delivery. The trends are illustrated through original client case studies and survey research conducted with Professor Leslie Willcocks from the London School of Economics.

  • 12.00 PM - 01.15 PM Lunch
  • Breakout Sessions Context

    Context for HfS Summit Breakout Sessions:

    Our Breakout Sessions are designed to draw you into a conversation and explore the disruptors in the outsourcing services market, share with each other how companies are changing the way they work with talent and technology to enable business results through partnerships… to enable the “Digital OneOfficeTM”… and to walk out with ideas,  actions, and contacts…

    What is the Digital OneOffice? 

    People simply want to operate digitally these days when they interact with an organization, whether they are an employee, customer or partner. They want to use interactive technology, cognitive agents, mobile apps, social media, text, online chat, etc. to get things done. We are used to using sophisticated digital technologies in our personal lives, and now expect to use them in our professional lives.  The Digital OneOffice Framework is all about creating the digital organizational experience empowered by an intelligent, single office to enable and support it. Every touch point of the modern business needs to be digital – and to achieve that, you need to be a digital business right at your core, where the most rudimentary of processes are automated to enable the building blocks of the digital experience.

  • 01.15 PM - 02.30 PM Breakout Session 1: Steering an Intelligent Automation Strategy Beyond the Basics

    Hosted by A.J. Hanna and Tom Reuner

    In a market distorted by smoke and mirrors, how can we leverage RPA properly and how can we advance the discussions to finally get to Intelligent Automation? In this session, we will discuss what needs to be done to instil a sense of reality into the RPA market. What are the frustrations of buyers and what capabilities and skills are needed to get to more holistic (and effective) notions of automation? Attending this session, you should leave with benchmarks and insights from your peers and with concrete steps to fine-tune your automation journey.

  • 01.15 PM - 02.30 PM Breakout Session 2: Visualizing And Explaining Blockchain

    Hosted by Christine Ferrusi Ross and Reetika Joshi

    Blockchain can be a difficult concept to explain to colleagues and senior leaders. And many of the “explanatory” reports in the market are still too technical to help. This workshop will help attendees visualize blockchain in action to make their understanding more concrete. You’ll use this deeper understanding to build a non-technical “elevator pitch” that you can use to more effectively demonstrate blockchain’s potential and get buy-in from your senior executives for POCs.

  • 01.15 PM - 02.30 PM Breakout Session 3: Overcoming the Impediments to Achieving Outcome-centric BPO and the Digital OneOffice

    Hosted by Mary Lacity, Melissa O’Brien and Phil Fersht

    Breaking down the front-to-back office barriers with the Digital OneOffice, the emerging operating model for enterprises and service providers: In this breakout, we will debate how service buyers and providers can drive change from within themselves to map out the OneOffice operating model to be truly effective for their organizations, get ahead of the disruption in the industry, and cater to all their stakeholders needs in real time – their customers, partners and employees.  We will identify hurdles as well as potential action items, and explore what each of our roles can be in the journey to OneOffice.

  • 02.30 PM - 03.15 PM The Post-Breakout Collaboration - How to we Counter Disruption in the Services Industry?

    Hosted by Steve Goldberg

  • 03.15 PM - 03.45 PM Networking Break
  • 03.45 PM - 04.20 PM Customer Case Discussion - ``Design Thinking Our Way to Better Outcomes``

    Case Study Chat with Vishal Ahluwalia, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan and Srini Rajamani, VP, Banking and Capital Markets, Wipro

    Case Study Chat with Vishal Ahluwalia, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan and Srini Rajamani, Financial Services, Wipro

    In this session, Vishal Ahluwalia will talk about how the banking industry is changing and how the bank is on a journey to its future environment. He’ll share his experience with design thinking and automation, and how they play a role in shaping the target operating model, talent, and solution. Srini Rajamani will talk about how Wipro applies design thinking to advance operational efficiency and increase the value they deliver to their clients. Questions will be facilitated by Barbra McGann.

  • 04.20 PM - 04.55 PM Customer Case Discussion - ``Making Cognitive real: The Future Service Agent is Here Today``

    Case Study Chat with Matt Tomlinson, Global Director of Innovation, Electronic Arts, and Chetan Dube, CEO of IPsoft.

    Virtual agents are automating customer interactions with the capability of not just supporting the digitally-driven front-office, but using cognitive intelligence to have meaningful, secure, and efficient interactions with customers. Questions will be facilitated by Tom Reuner.

  • 04.55 PM - 05.30 PM Wrap up and Action Points for the Future

    Host Phil Fersht

  • 05.30 PM - 07.00 PM Closing Reception


Stephen CrockerUniversity of Connecticut School of Medicine
Vishal AhluwaliaJ.P. Morgan
Srini RajamaniWipro
Matt TomlinsonElectronic Arts Customer Experience Labs
Dave BrownKPMG
Chetan DubeIPsoft
A.J. HannaAscension Health
Dr. Vishal SikkaInfosys
Rohit KapoorEXL Service
Carol A. BrittonBNY Mellon
Mary LacityUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis
Chris CaldwellConcentrix
Kate O’NeillKO Insights
Edward FlemingLevelUp
Kerry HallardGlobal Sourcing Association
Rajeev MehtaCognizant
Steve RudderhamThe Kellogg Company
Ben Dattner, Ph.D.Dattner Consulting
Steve GoldbergHfS Research
Phil FershtHfS Research
Barbra McGannHfS Research
Christine Ferrusi RossHfS Research
Melissa O’BrienHfS Research
Reetika JoshiHfS Research
Tom ReunerHfS Research

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Application Process

The rigorous selection process for the HfS events results in a level of peer interaction and knowledge exchange unrivaled in the services industry.

To be able to live up to this commitment, all eligibility decisions are subject to HfS’ sole discretion. Please complete the registration form below. We will be in touch once your application has been reviewed.

Who Should Apply

Service Buyers: The HfS OneOffice Summits are focused first and foremost on service buyers.

Service Providers:

– Selected delegates from providers are welcome if tickets are included in their research subscription. Interested in gaining access to the research and events by HfS Research? Send us a note.

– Selected delegates from providers are welcome if they are event sponsors. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Send us a note.

Other interested parties: Applications from all interested parties will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Want to contribute to the conversation? Please apply below!

EVENT FULL – Applications Closed