HFS Summits are among the most prestigious events in the industry, renowned for intense behind-closed-doors debate, superlative research, and exclusive networking opportunities for stakeholders across the industry.

Summits bring together a unique mix of key industry stakeholders focused on major innovations impacting business operations, such as talent, automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital business models and smart analytics.


March 19, 2020 – London

HFS European Summit, London


October 1 – 2, 2019 – NYC

Hyperconnecting Your Future State


April 30, 2019 – London

Hurtling into the Hyper-Connected Economy


April 29, 2019 – London

CMO & Influencer Masterclass | Effective Influencing in a Hyper-Connected Economy



HFS Roundtables provide an intimate, powerful setting for enterprise leaders to discuss and debate key issues surrounding digital business operations and intelligent automation in this hyperconnected economy. HFS Research analysts moderate the discussion, sharing insights on current and future trends while engaging ideas that drive outcomes.

Roundtable events are held at exclusive venues in New York and London.



December 6, 2019 – NYC

Going Straight to Digital: Jumpstart Your Organization to Embrace Change and Move Faster


December 13, 2019 – London

Elevating Customer Experience with Integrated Automation


November 13, 2019 – London

A New Manifesto for RPA: After 7 Years, It’s Time for a Rebirth


October 16, 2019 – Stockholm

Empowering the Finance Function as the Orchestrator of Enterprise Data


July 10, 2019 – London

The Present and Future is Robotic Business Outsourcing:scaling capability to deliver impact


June 28, 2019 – London

The Finance OneOffice: How to Get There?


June 19, 2019 – NYC

Elevating Customer Experience with Integrated Automation


May 24, 2019 – London

Experience Innovation: how to transform through a human-centric lens to drive business outcomes


April 9, 2019 – NYC

Achieving Scale with Intelligent Automation


March 8, 2019 – London

International Women’s Day Roundtable


February 5, 2019 – NYC

Making Artificial Intelligence Relevant to your Business Operations


HFS is recognized around the world for our distinctive style and voice. unafraid to voice objections and raise real issues. Our global community engages with us in regular, intimate working roundtables and summits that bring together services buyers and sellers to push the industry forward with a collective voice and a clear action plan.


We are dedicated to helping our clients and the market realize long-term value.