• HFS Research presents:

    Developing an Emerging Technologies Roadmap for Digital Business Operations


    FORA Roundtable | October 17, 2018 | London, United Kingdom



This roundtable will explore how emerging technologies such as AI, automation, analytics, and blockchain are disrupting many industries, including the energy and utility sector and how companies can develop an effective emerging technology roadmap. In addition, we will explore:

– How As-a-Service delivery and commercial models help companies become more agile, flexible, and able to respond to market cycles

– The importance of customer experience and how the Triple A-Trifecta of intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, and smart analytics underpin significant improvements

Date: 17 October 2018

Location: 1 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND

Chairman: Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research

Guest Analyst: Derk Erbé, Research Vice President, HFS Research

Delegates: 20 FORA Leadership Council members (invitation-only)


10.00  Arrival reception

10.30 Discussion commences in dome room

12.00 Discussion ends with working lunch

13.00 End


HFS Future of Operations in the Robotic Age (FORA) initiatives, including exclusive FORA Summits, FORA Webinars, and FORA Rountables, are forums for business leaders to develop strategies to manage operations and technology transformations.

HFS organizes a minimum of six FORA Roundables each year, where:

– Top HFS analysts present new technology and Digital OneOffice™ change agents

– You learn how to use emerging technologies to improve your operations

– You engage with top business leaders and debate cutting-edge operations issues

Case study:

The energy industries are experiencing a period of unprecedented change caused by technological advancement. Renewable energy sources completely changing political agendas, how electricity is generated and distributed, and economic forces.

After a good century of relative stability in the energy industry, the last two decades have been turbulent. If we are reading the signs right, this is only the start of a much bigger change in the way the world produces and consumes energy, particularly electricity. The emergence of competitive distributed energy resources, solar and wind, is decentralizing electricity generation. It introduces a host of new challenges for the industry and, eventually, all of us as energy consumers. How are oil and gas companies and utilities deal with this?

Digital transformation is at the top of the agenda for oil, gas, and utility executives. The traditional thoughtful and conservative approach to change and innovation has resulted in the industry lagging other sectors in the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Change agents (including AI, automation, analytics, and blockchain) are causing disruption in the industry and forcing utilities to speed up transformation.


1 Cornhill, London
United Kingdom

Pre-roundtable reading

Where and How Can Blockchain Impact the World of Distributed Energy
Blockchain technology and smart contracts have the ability to play a significant role in energy trading and transactions. Peer-to-peer trading is already a reality. Blockchain can be the connecting tissue for energy trading in a world of decentralized, distributed energy resources and large-scale electricity storage, changing the dynamic of the energy market.

How Blockchain will Disrupt Procurement
As the impact of Blockchain and smart contracts on procurement clarifies, so do its salient points for use cases. Trust and transparency are two of the fundamentals for procurement—blockchain increases both. Furthermore, the introduction of blockchain technology into business networks and transactions lowers transactional costs.


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