This roundtable will look at a roadmap Business Procss Outsouring companies (BPOs) can adopt to scale automation. It will explore investment strategy for creating automation centres of excellence, with a focus on automation software acquisition and scaling strategies such as minimal viable product; how BPOs can involve clients in co-creation of such centres; and how centres can scale to support clients with specific vertical or horizontal capability.


Date: July 10, 2019  Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Venue: The Dorchester | 53 Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA, UK
Chairman: Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst at HFS Research
Co-Host: Anubhav Saxena, Executive Vice President, Partnerships, Strategy & Operations, Automation Anywhere
The Present and Future is Robotic Business Outsourcing: scaling capability to deliver impact
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The Present and Future is Robotic Business Outsourcing:
scaling capability to deliver impact

Robotic software provides the perfect catalyst to force an outsourcer to get back to the table to reinvest in their client or risk losing them to a hungrier competitor. And for business process outsourcers looking to survive this robotic revolution, they have to partner smartly with the leading robotic software suppliers to deliver the new wave of transformational robotic business outsourcing engagements.


The connection between outsourcing and robotic software is a lot closer than we think. The new findings from the recent State of Operations and Outsourcing study, conducted with KPMG across 381 Global 2000 organizations, questioned operations leaders about their intentions to keep investing in RPA and outsourcing. This data shows the tranche of operations leaders making significant investments in RPA and outsourcing, sliced by industry sector:



The sheer quantity of legacy detritus plaguing IT systems, such as spaghetti code that began its life several generations of programming languages ago, robotic software can actually help breathe new life into fixing some of these processes in a way that can have a massive transformative effect on their operations.


However which way we were looking at it, the outsourcing space was slowing down, and it’s hard to get too excited about a market growing at 1-4% each year.  We have been brought up in a world promising 50% savings, and achieving 30%.  We needed to find the next thing to grab onto that was back-office focused, a bit messy, quirky, and loaded with hype. This is the “new outsourcing”, where deals are spiked with RPA to deliver the numbers.  So time to love with what we have created, and see if we can somehow make it all work.


This roundtable will look at a roadmap BPOs can adopt to scale automation within delivery centres and centres of excellence. It will also look at investment strategy – such as minimal viable product and how they partner with clients in their choice of investment to drive the outcomes for their clients.


Phil Fersht

CEO & Chief Analyst, HFS Research

Phil Fersht is a world-renowned analyst, writer and visionary in emerging technologies, intelligent automation and robotic process automation software, digital business services, and the transformation of enterprise operations to drive customer impact and competitive advantage. Fersht coined the terms “The As-a-Service Economy” and the “Digital OneOffice”, which describe HFS Research’s vision for business operations and…

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Anubhav Saxena

Executive Vice President, Partnerships, Strategy & Operations, Automation Anywhere

Anubhav leads the company’s partnership programs for advisories, technology and service providers, including value added reseller alliances worldwide. He brings more than 20 years of experience to this role being responsible for strategy, enablement and operations. Anubhav has served as a global operating leader and on executive boards bringing deep experience in a wide range…

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