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    Planning a Realistic OneOffice Roadmap: how to wrap the needs of the customer into your operations framework

    An HFS Executive Roundtable


    June 19, 2019 | Apella, NYC


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Date: June 19, 2019
Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Venue: Apella
Address: 450 E 29th St, New York, 2nd Floor
Chairman: Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research
Guest Analyst: Melissa O’Brien, Research VP, Customer Engagement Strategies, HFS Research
Featured Guest Speaker: John Cottonjim, Head of Enterprise Automation Hub, Mars
Theme: Planning a Realistic OneOffice Roadmap: how to wrap the needs of the customer into your operations framework
Supported by: HCL

Planning a Realistic OneOffice Roadmap: how to wrap the needs of the customer into your operations framework

A true digital business cannot succeed without unifying front, middle, and back offices. Moreover, advances in interactive digital technologies, automation and AI are real enablers helping us rewire business operations to stay ahead of customer needs. Which is why we’re bringing together an elite group of enterprise leaders to debate the OneOffice journey and how to enjoy a smoother ride!


Without having a true picture of how you want to operate in the future, you will be perennially searching for short-term fixes to drive out further costs, and never be able to map out a strategic journey that will bring together your two most critical assets: your customers and employees.


The Digital OneOffice occurs when teams function autonomously across front, middle and back office to promote broader processes with real-time data flows that support rapid decision making. It’s where front, middle and back offices will cease to exist, as they will be, simply, OneOffice.


With a digital underbelly and intelligent support functions, such as HR, Finance and customer support, the OneOffice is rewired with the customer in mind. The Digital OneOffice is the organizational end-state to survive and succeed.

The roundtable will help us tackle the following issues:

The importance of integrated automation as a foundation capability to the OneOffice – both in terms of the “Triple A Trifecta” of Automation, Analytics and AI – but also the traditional “People, Process and Technology” trifecta.


Customer Experience in the context of the OneOffice – and how cognitive assistants and digital workers are augmenting the agent experience and enabling more intelligent interactions.


What “customer outcomes” means in the new paradigm of OneOffice and explore what changes need to be made to measure it.

Who should attend:

This roundtable is relevant to: CXOs, business services and operations leaders within customer-centric enterprises, those responsible for designing and executing on the customer experience as well as those with a passion for emerging technologies as change agents to drive business outcomes.


CXOs, operations leaders, customer experience/digital leaders, shared services leaders, outsourcing relationship leaders, automation/AI leaders

HFS Chairman

Phil Fersht

CEO & Chief Analyst, HFS Research

Phil Fersht is a world-renowned analyst, writer and visionary in emerging technologies, intelligent automation and robotic process automation software, digital business services, and the transformation of enterprise operations to drive customer impact and competitive advantage. Fersht coined the terms “The As-a-Service Economy” and the “Digital OneOffice”, which describe HFS Research’s vision for business operations and…

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HFS Guest Analyst

Melissa O’Brien

Research Vice President, HFS Research

Melissa O’Brien is Research Director, Customer Engagement, Retail and Travel Strategies at HfS Research. Her research coverage includes customer experience management services, exploring ties with marketing operations and developing thought leadership around intelligent automation for contact center and vertically-specific customer engagement business processes. In addition, she focuses on key dynamics within the retail and consumer…

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Guest Speaker

John Cottongim

Head of Enterprise Automation Hub, Mars

John Cottongim heads the Enterprise Automation Hub at Mars Incorporated, delivering Robotic Process Automation and Cognitive Automation solutions across Mars’ geographies and product segments. He previously led the Automation program at AIG for Life, Retirement, and Global Business Services. Mr. Cottongim’s previous experience was in leading Lean Transformation initiatives, working with teams across the globe…

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Apella, 450 E 29th St, New York, 2nd Floor


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HFS Roundtable: NYC, June 19, 2019

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