Chris Boos

Chris Boos is Germany’s leading head in the field of Artificial Intelligence, a well-known algorithm expert as well as founder and CEO of Arago, a German high-tech company.

Chris aims to equip companies with the needed tools to technologically evolve and thereby prepares businesses for a new digital era. By introducing artificial intelligence, he boosts the competitive edge of customers and partners.

Together with his technology team, Boos developed Arago’s first commercially available artificial intelligence product called HIRO. HIRO is a system admin and general IT operations expert that automates nearly 90 percent of the entire IT stack of corporations. The self-learning enterprise software solves complex business problems.

Chris Boos serves as a board member at various IT companies and supports the start-up scene as an angel investor. In 2003, the Economic Forum Deutschland awarded him with the John F. Kennedy National Leadership Award for “outstanding leadership” in the category IT.