Senior VP Digital & Data Systems, Centrica

Daljit Rehal

Daljit is the Senior VP Digital & Data Systems at Centrica. Systems under his remit include, Digital,
Data, Field and Workforce Management applications:

  • Digital customer facing website,, Android, IoS & Windows applications
  • Big data and data science teams including our data warehouse (Teradata), data lake and
    various other MI and data centric applications
  • Scheduling and planning systems like Taskforce, and WMIS
  • PULSE- our API gateway, for secure interaction between our channels and applications

Daljit is the leader behind our Data and Digital transformations, in the case of Data this has led to the
introduction of NoSQL, Hadoop, SPARK, HBASE and our Data Lake; at the same time, he has
transformed the Digital delivery model from waterfall to Agile.

Daljit Joined British Gas in December 2012, as Head of Architecture, his first appointment was to
lead the enterprise architecture function. Prior to British Gas Daljit has held senior level position in
both commercial and technology teams. Some of his previous roles include Director of Solutions at
TalkTalk plc; Director of Customer Retention and Loyalty Virgin Media; Director of Customer
Retention at Three; Head of Programme management at Three; Head of Data Architecture Three &
7C; KPMG Management consultant, many client engagements; Head of Analysis and Planning at
Cellnet; Head of Fraud Analytics at Cable & Wireless; Forecasting and planning manager at Mercury
communications; and C++ Software Engineer.

Daljit Graduated from University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Computer Science, he
followed this up as a research assistant working on ‘Mathematical modelling of Asymmetric Traffic in
Optical Fibre Networks’ which was the topic of his PhD thesis at Manchester leading to several
publications in scientific journals. In his spare time Daljit likes to listen to music and play his guitar.