HCL Technologies

Kalyan Kumar

Kalyan Kumar is Corporate Vice President & CTO IT Services, of HCL Technologies. He leads the Global Cloud Native Services and DRYiCE products & platforms.

As a visionary, KK drives product and technology strategy across emerging technologies. He is responsible for enabling thought leadership, driving the exploration and incubation initiatives with the start-up ecosystem, and identifying new technology alliances. He drives our autonomics/AI and service-orchestration offerings across the XaaS ecosystem. The ecosystem is comprised of holistic automation capabilities, including ‘IT operations automation’, ‘cloud and DevOps automation’, and ‘cognitive process automation’. Besides, he defines cross-organization cloud strategy for business growth and cultivates the SaaS tribes across HCL.

Besides, KK continues to be an ambassador and mentor for the next-generation leaders. He is the member of the eminent Wall Street Journal CIO Network responsible for identifying key challenges in technology and new opportunities for innovation. Also, KK is the member of HCL’s ‘Talent Council’ focused on encouraging and empowering young talent. In addition, he is the honorable member of the Technology Partner Advisory Boards and has participated in Special Academic Programs at Wharton and Harvard Business School. He is a regular participant in the Singularity University Programs.

Also, KK is widely acknowledged as an eminent expert and author in the fields of Business Service Management, IT Service Management, IT Architecture and Cloud Platforms. He has co-authored six books in the space of service management and XaaS/Cloud Services. To access his books, visit here.

Apart from his professional commitments, KK is passionate about promoting the message of an inclusive world through music. As a drummer and percussionist with an India-based rock band ‘Contraband’, he has collaborated on creating many songs such as ‘Political Song’ and ‘Fisherman and the Banker’ that are essentially focused on encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle and finiteness of the earth’s resources. Their first album – CURRENCY got launched in 2017. These songs, among many others, reflect Contraband’s motto of ‘creating and not (just) consuming’. KK’s rock band performs in many public forums to take its motto and message to the youth of the world. The band aims to ‘infect a million minds’ with the philosophy of building a sustainable world. Contraband released their first album a few weeks ago in India.

Moreover, KK volunteers in the cause of promoting the game and spirit of cricket via his association as a Trustee of Capital Kids Cricket, a London-based charity that promotes cricket in state schools in London in the underprivileged areas in the UK. At present, he is helping the NGO in pivoting into the new digital world and also the new forms of cricket.

KK lives in London with his spouse and has a 7-year old son.