Electronic Arts Customer Experience Labs

Matt Tomlinson

Matt Tomlinson is the Global Director of Innovation for Electronic Arts.

Matt’s fascination with disruptive technology started in his garage with his first Internet startup, which later became a successful Dot-Com company. After he graduated with a computer science degree from Texas Christian University, he served in multiple global locations with the US Air Force. He worked deploying innovative network infrastructure technology to help shape the future of Department of Defense networks.

He was responsible for setting up a new Technology Programs Innovation Group for the Secretary of Defense. He also helped the Executive Office of the President transform whitehouse.gov into a content management platform capable of allowing anyone in the world to petition the President with their ideas.

Matt combined his technology background with his portfolio, program, and project management experience to establish himself as a senior leader within the Project Management Institute (PMI) Volunteer Corps. His role on the Certification Governance Council, where he helps set the strategic direction for PMI’s credentials, highlights his strategic management and planning experience.

The culmination of over twenty years of experience brought Matt to Electronic Arts (EA). As a lifelong gamer, Matt is passionate about the medium and has a deep understanding of what makes a great game. EA recruited him based on his experience with researching disruptive technology. There he established a new lab that focuses on innovation in the customer experience world.

Matt and his team are working with a variety of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. They are excited at the possibilities they represent.